Beautiful carefree woman in fields being happy outdoors

Hair ideas

The perfect tool for long, fine, unruly hair

It's a hairdryer, but not as you know it

J-Lo has chopped off her locks

Our favourite A-lister mixes up her look

Woman with polar neck jumper and wind in her hair
This is the treatment your post-summer hair needs

Restore shine, limit damage and boost volume at home.

Young woman outdoor enjoying the sunset
6 habits of women with healthy-looking hair
Thought you needed a daily blow-dry to up your hair game? These wome…
ageing hair mistakes
6 hair mistakes that could be ageing you

We asked hairdressers for their advice on age-proof hair

The essential guide to the latest hair ideas and hairstyle trends from the Red beauty team. With tips from top stylists and industry experts, you can rest assured that your new look will be easy to achieve and stress-free.
wind in hair dreamy girl with sunflare on beach
This ingredient makes an incredible natural hair mask

You might have it at home right now

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This styling tool will give you instant sleek hair in the heat

No more 'Monica from Friends' vibes when the weather heats up

Celebrity curly hair inspiration

Let those curls run wild

Womans hair blowing in wind on beach
The one surprising hair product you should be taking on holiday

It really could help prevent damage...

hair hack for hot weather
The hot weather hair hack we all need right now

Don't let the humidity ruin your weekend!

selma blair shaves her head
Selma Blair reveals her newly shaved head - and she looks fabulous

Her MS means she's had to change how she wears her hair

hairdresser does a haircut with scissors of hair to a young girl
6 questions every woman should be asking her hairdresser

#3 is seriously important

thick hair hack 
The 10 second hack for instantly thicker hair

It works in pictures AND in real life...

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Messy bun
Messy bun hairstyle ideas

Chic, but effortless

shampoo for hair growth 
Want your hair to grow faster? This is what you need to look out for on your shampoo bottle

Rapunzel locks are in, here's how to ensure you're not sabotaging yours

frizzy hair haircare tips 
Frizzy hair? How this toothbrush hack could be your saviour

Flyaway ends should be afraid

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Julia Roberts' new tousled hair is super short but we love it

It's so good, other celebs are fangirling her new hair on Instagram.

short shag haircut
The modern shag haircut and why you need one right now

It's the haircut of the year