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Couple cuddling in the bed
10 blow job tips women swear by

Because everyone has that one go-to move that finishes their partner off in seconds

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African American woman sleeping in bed
Young couple intimate relationship on bed passion
7 women on the surprising sex advice they'd give their younger selves

"Squeeze your nipples during sex to reach orgasm."

Portrait Of Woman Smoking Marijuana Joint Outdoors
Why I finally stopped social smoking

Jane Allan had always thought social smoking was, well, ok. Until she didn't

Portrait of laughing young woman on the beach
Doing this one thing could help you lose a pound a week

You could potentially have dropped a jean size by Christmas...

6 happiness hacks this wellness entrepreneur swears by

Uncomplicated ways to make feeling good work for you

Cropped shot of mid adult woman lying on bed eating cake
Your bedtime might be the reason you can't seem to lose any weight

Plus, 19 other nighttime habits that can make you gain.

Directly Above Shot Of Grapefruit Slice Against Pink Background
9 of the best fruits for weight loss

Reach for these when those 4pm hunger pangs hit

X women share the one thing that helps them overcome anxiety
11 women share the one thing that helps them overcome anxiety

One of these tips could work for you

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Sex after birth - How long after giving birth can you have sex?
11 women on what sex is like after giving birth

"Why do people think the six-week rule is a joke? Your uterus is basically an open wound after birth."

Naps makes you happy, says study

We knew it!

6 signs your anxiety is taking over

And what to do about it

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sleep coffee | ELLE UK
Still tired after a full night's sleep? This is why

A doctor explains potential causes for your tiredness.

Girl looking through the window
How to manage your mood this autumn

Pre-empt the winter slump with these practical tips

Family walking on stepping stones on beach
Living by the sea is officially good for your mental health

*Immediately looks up houses in Margate*

The 11 different types of nipples

Number 1: they're all totally normal

Sick woman sitting on sofa covered in blanket with cup of tea and laptop
11 ways to avoid cold and flu this winter

We never knew a scarf could come in so handy

divorce advice
10 questions to ask yourself before you file for divorce

'Am I doing the right thing?'

5 super easy Kama Sutra sex positions everyone should try

You don't have to be an yogi to nail (lol) these positions.

how your vagina changes during the menopause
Does your vagina actually change during the menopause?

Consultant gynaecologist Miss Tania Adib is here to help you navigate sex and the menopause

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